A lot of students have been requesting for vending machines to be placed within the campus. If we were to have vending machines to service the students and employees all day, what would you prefer?


chips, candy bars and energy bars (88 votes)


sandwiches and pastries (266 votes)


coffee / milo (58 votes)


canned or bottled beverages (29 votes)


For any suggestions and concerns, please contact
Ms. Divina Amor C. Salcedo-Barcelona at the Student Services Office.


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Academic Success Center
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Student Privilege Card


Academic Success Center

The ASC is an initiative designed to aid students having difficulty with academics through a model of peer assistance. Unless noted, services are offered at no charge to students. Please contact Sonali Hutchison (sonali.hutchison@enderuncolleges.com) with questions or clarifications.

Study Groups

The ASC offers study groups everyday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. in room E103, the designated venue for the ASC. Students can drop in to get help with upcoming assignments, quizzes, exams, and papers. Our study group coordinators are students who have demonstrated exemplary performance in their academic lives and are well-versed in these core subjects. While our coordinators are intelligent and competent, they are not omniscient experts. Study group coordinators work with students to address concerns about the subject and help them learn to find the answers to their questions.

Study Group Schedule:






F&B 101: Hygiene and Sanitation

Business Math

English I

HA 210: Housekeeping

TT 101: Principles in International Tourism and Hospitality

Business Math

CA 101: Intro to Culinary Arts**

General Courses*

General Courses*

General Courses*

F&B Service


* Intended for introductory courses that are not covered by the aforementioned subjects, these General Courses typically cover the basic humanities courses (including Psychology, Philosophy, and Anthropology), Filipino, and Basic Computer Skills.

*Venue for CA 101 study groups: To Be Determined

*Please note that schedules are subject to change at the discretion of the ASC.

ESL Peer Tutorials

ESL Tutorials are designed to assist students having difficulty in their subjects due to unfamiliarity with the English language. Designated as scheduled classes in students’ timetables, these classes aim to address ongoing class assignments in a context suitable for ESL students. Peer tutors are present during these interactive tutorials to fully engage the students and support their English language development.

One-on-one Peer Tutoring for ESL students

This service is available to all ESL students. Peer tutors are valuable resources for students who need additional help with their English language development. Please see Sheena Jeswani (sheena.jeswani@enderuncolleges.com) in the Student Services office to request a peer tutor.

Upperclassman Buddy Program

Designed and implemented by the Enderun Student Government, the Upperclassman Buddy Program (UBP) is geared towards improving a student’s first year experience at Enderun. It attempts to increase the speed of assimilation, reduce social barriers within the college community and to pass on the college’s culture and values through one-on-one peer guidance and mentorship.


  • Increase freshmen awareness of Enderun and its community.
  • Present a positive view of the transition from High School life to College life.
  • To acquire necessary skills in social interaction, ideals such as open-mindedness, and values instilled by Enderun and its community.
  • Enrich and establish Enderun traditions.
  • Minimize social barriers and establish long-term friendships.

Please see Sheena Jeswani in Student Services to fill out an information sheet and be assigned to an upperclassman buddy!

Faculty Advising

Faculty advisors have been assigned to each Enderun student. Your advisor is a valuable resource for challenges you may encounter in your academic career at Enderun. Please see the listing for your designated faculty advisor and e-mail your advisor to set up an appointment by July 15, Wednesday.

Language Tables

Enderun’s Language Tables will offer the opportunity to experience lively conversations in Spanish, French or Mandarin in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere without any pressure. While the students are learning a new language, it helps to spend time speaking it with others. The goal of these language tables is to turn basic classroom knowledge of the language into something that students will be able to use fluently in real-life situations and conversations.

Every Monday, Tuesday, and Friday in the cafeteria during lunch, a table will be designated as an Intercultural Language Table and a language moderator will facilitate the conversations.

Monday –Mandarin

Tuesday –French

Friday –Spanish