BSTM Syllabus

Files included:

ITP 300 Business Information Systems Planning.doc
MGT ITC 120 Fundamentals of Computer Programming Management.doc
MGT ITC 130 Data Structure Management.doc
MGT ITC 140 Management of Discrete Structures.doc
MGT ITC 150 Management of Computer Networks.doc
MGT ITC 160 Ethics in Informationa Technology Management.doc
MGT ITE 310 Interactive Media Technology Management.doc
MGT ITE 320 Business Software Management I.doc
MGT ITE 330 Business Software Managment II.doc
MGT ITE 340 Internet Management and Applications.doc
MGT ITE 360 Information & Computer Security Management.doc
MGT ITE 400 Business Technology Management Integration.doc
MGT ITP 240 Management of Human Computer Interaction.doc
MGT ITP 250 Database Management.doc
MGT ITP 260 Management of Enterprise Systems.doc
MGT ITP 270 System Infrastructure & Integration Management.doc
MGT ITP 280 Digital Business Application Management.doc

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Date of Submission: Jun 27, 2016